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I am Ahmed, a Sotware Developer.


My name is Ahmed. Since I was a kid blah blah blah ... to make long story short, I like writing code and designing stuff. Some of the languages and frameworks I know include: Java, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

I have an associate degree in software development and few certificates. Some of the projects that I completed are listed below and still working on more. I'm looking for a software developement job in Sioux city or Omaha. I would do a remote job too as long as it's in the US.

I have some experience in git version control. my most used code editor is Visual Studio code. It's simple and user friendly. I would definetly like to try a new though. Technology is always about learning and trying new things.



The tools that I used during my work includes the following, just to mention few important ones:


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • Java
  • SQL


  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery


  • github
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Atom


For more information, please send me an email and I'll reply to you as soon as possible.