About Us

We started as small fashion company in 1920 with three people. Little by little, Fashionashion started getting more attention from the city then the state and Boom! The whole nation. It wasn't long before we reached the neighbouring countries like Canada and Mexico.

Fashionashion is one of leading companies in the fashion industry. We won more than 100 awards and medals in the US and outside the country. Our company works with the biggest brands in the US. Just to name a few: companies like Nike, Addidas, and Puma.

Our models participate in many events, especially the well known ones that are held in large cities such as New York, Chicaago , and Los Angeles. Every year we go to many events and shows than the year before. We are always looking for ways to share our work with world.

Since our begining, we hired more than one million employees. Fashionashion is proud to create job opportunities for the people in this country. Colleges and Universities send their students to us as interns and full time workers in our comapany. We are giving the young generation a helping hand when it comes to finding a job in this competitive industry.

Fashionashion is very proud community helper. In fact, every location we have, we contribute to communities, non-profit organizaiton, and charity foundation. we spent over 2 million dollars in donation. We help public schools and many families that cannot afford to get the education they need.

We know how drugs affect the lives of so many people. most victims are young and could have better future. Fashionation has many programms that help drug addicts get their life back and start fresh.